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                           Do you admire people who live out their childhood dream?

 That was me! When I was 8 years old my parents took me to the Art Institute of Chicago. I instantly fell in love with art.

That day, I recognized my truth and passion. I made a goal to get into SAIC.

In ten years, I filled my dream with hard work and talent.

I got accepted into School of the Art Institute of Chicago and had a room full of awards.  



Have you ever had a dream deferred ?

When I was in college I suffered from anxiety, major depression, mental illness

drug addiction, and suicidal thoughts. 

I was in a fire, which landed me in a trauma unit and all my art work was burned.

Do you love to support the underdog? 

After many years of suffering and treatment, I reconnected with my true self and make art all day long.  

I started to reestablish myself and success selling my work.


This website is my next big step of being vulnerable and showing my true self to the world.


I'm filled with gratitude that you took time to hear my story.


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If I wrote an artist statement it’s just me forced to play a game I want no part off.


I reject the idea of doing something because its expected of you. Like marriage or religion.


I see the world visual not in descriptive words.


 It is extremally important to me not to influence the viewer in anyway.


I believe an artist statement would limit me as an artist and the viewer.  


My statement is in the actual piece of art. 

Artist Statement

The mystery of death has always fascinated me.


Having a traumatic childhood gave me a morbid view of the world around me.


This robbery of childhood made me focus on all things macabre.


I want to connect with the viewer in a raw, powerful, & emotional way.​

I also use my art as a form of activism.

Art and being an artist is the foundation of my life.


My latest work I have explored traditional vs digital collage.

I have used art to deal with my mom being terminally ill from MS, hospice and death.

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