from dream to reality...

Do you admire people who live out their childhood dream?

That was me!  When I was 8 years old my parents took me to the Art Institute of Chicago. I instantly fell in love with art.

That day, I recognized my truth and passion. I made a goal to get into SAIC.

In ten years, I filled my dream with hard work and talent.

I got accepted into School of the Art Institute of Chicago and had a room full of awards.  



Have you ever had a dream deferred?

When I was in college I suffered from anxiety & depression.

I was in a fire, which landed me in a trauma unit and all my artwork was burned.

Do you love to support the underdog? 

After many years of suffering and treatment, I reconnected with my true self and make art all day long.  

I started to reestablish myself and success selling my work.


I'm filled with gratitude that you took time to hear my story.


Abby's Art was recently in​:

Exhibit: Leaders We Love and Despise, Chicago 2019 


The Fletcher International Jury Exhibit at Reece Museum 2019

News articles:

Art Local Lesbian Artist On Being Banned From Social Media by Julia Hale, 2019 Windy City Times


Artist Abby Zeciroski Creating Work That Is Unapologetically Pro-Choice, Pro LGBTQ+ & Political, 2020 Girl Talk HQ 


Sock Drive Adds To Holiday Spirit For You At The Crib by Gretchen Racheal Hammond, Windy City Times


Abby went to The School of the Art Institute of Chicago 

On scholarship and nominated for numerous scholarships 

Abby has won numerous awards 

She was one of three finalists out of 10,000 entries in the Spirit of Liberty contest 


1918 N Damen Ave
Chicago, IL 60647

5360 N Calle Del Ricio

Tucson, AZ  85641

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T: 312-217-6020

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