Exquisite Understanding of Pain 2020


Mixed Media/Digital


Fibromyalgia creates many serious losses, including loss of control over one's body, loss of friends and loss of valued activities.


People are often forced to give up their job and so lose income, companionship and challenge. And often people have to abandon dreams, thus losing the future they had envisioned for themselves. In sum, we experience the loss of the person we used to be and the person we hoped to become.


The pervasiveness of loss presents us with some of our most daunting tasks: keeping hope alive and bringing new meaning to life when much has been taken away.


Responses to Loss

Denial and Disbelief - FM means being told you have a condition for which there is no cure.

Fear and Worry

Frustration & Anger

Guilt - Living in a society that emphasizes productivity, guilt about doing less than before is common.

Sadness & Depression  

Acceptance- Acceptance means letting go of your past life and also of the future as you had envisioned it. And it means saying good-bye to the person you used to be.




Exquisite Understanding of Pain


    Digital Art on 


    High quality, archival, acid free, vibrant paper


    Certificate of Authenticity


    Signed by artist with archival, acid free, fadeproof pen 


    10” x 13” black frame


    white rag mat 8” X 10”

    mat size may vary slightly to enhance art


    12.2” x 15.2 “overall size

    • PRINT 


    Professional quality


    Extra heavy paper with superior fade resistance 


    High gloss finish for brilliant colors


    • If you pick PRINT WITH FRAME it will come with white mat and basic black frame.