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International Women's Day Exhibition 2024

Welcome to the International Women's Day Exhibition 2024, where poignant art becomes a powerful voice for change. Through my creations, I explore critical feminist issues, addressing topics such as abortion rights, confronting rape culture, and delving into the profound impact of war, famine, and global warming on the lives of women and girls worldwide. Join me in this artistic journey, as we advocate for women's rights and amplify the voices that demand equality and justice.

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Feminist Art

Key Themes Explored:

  • Rape Culture Within the Military and Colleges

  • Abortion Rights

  • Effects of War, Famine, and Global Warming on Women and Girls

  • Barriers Preventing Women’s Full Participation in Education, Work, Sports, Music, and Public Life


How War Impacts Women and Girls: In the grim realities of war, women and girls face an alarming and disproportionate risk: gender-based violence. The harrowing consequences include unprecedented rates of sexual violence, abuse, and torture under the brutal conditions of conflict. This distressing reality is further exacerbated for those who belong to marginalized groups, such as the LGBTQIA+ community, or for those grappling with disabilities.


Breaking the Silence: Unveiling Rape Culture: As Abby Moon Zeciroski delves into societal consciousness, her art on rape culture echoes alarming statistics. According to RAINN, 23.1% of female undergraduates endure rape during college. Art becomes a powerful medium, giving voice to the 7,825 reported sexual assaults within the military in 2019 (Source: Department of Defense Annual Report). Zeciroski sheds light on U.S. rape culture, where only 5 out of every 1,000 perpetrators find themselves behind bars, underscoring the urgent need for societal reflection and transformation. As a visual outcry, the artworks compel us to collectively face and address these disconcerting truths.


Urgent Climate Action for Women and Girls: Women and girls bear a disproportionate burden during climate-related disasters. They face heightened vulnerabilities, experiencing increased risks of displacement, loss of shelter, and disrupted access to essential services like healthcare and education. The aftermath of extreme weather events often exacerbates existing gender inequalities, leaving women and girls at greater risk of violence and exploitation.

Through my artistic expressions, I also aim to underscore the resilience and strength exhibited by women and girls. The courage in confronting racism, the fervent fight of youth against climate change, and the fearless calling out of sexual assault by powerful men.

Zeciroski’s art business actively supports:

  • Deborah’s Place, empowering homeless women

  • The Crib, an LGBTQIA+ emergency youth shelter

  • Directly aiding those on the streets, embodying the ethos of art for social change.

Abby Moon Zeciroski’s art speaks volumes, urging reflection, action, and amplification of voices. Together, let’s celebrate resilience, courage, and use art as a catalyst for lasting change. 


Abby Moon Zeciroski, a multi-award-winning artist featured in prominent publications including The New York Times and Windy City Times, has showcased her work in numerous museums.

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